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Creationist talk suits myth and legends section

Wallace Thompson, chair of The Caleb Foundation, sounded a little upset in his recent letter (Write Back, July 12).

He objected to other contributors using the terms "lack of parity of esteem" and "loony" to describe young earthers.

He even stated that Nuala Mc Keever had suggested such people's existence should not be recognised. Strong stuff.

However, context is everything. Nuala and others were giving their views on what The Caleb Foundation and its disciples believe to be true - something that scientifically trained, rationally-minded people find impossible, considering the academic rigour that must be followed within the scientific community to have a theory accepted.

I am disappointed that the National Trust caved in to undoubted political pressure to introduce a creationist display at our most world-famous attraction.

Things would be much improved if the display was moved into the myths and legends section of the Causeway exhibition.

Then people could decide what to believe for themselves.


Newtownards, Co Down

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