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Creationists must to be listened to

In her column (Life, July 9), Nuala McKeever said, of those who hold to a younger earth model, that "some views just don't deserve parity of esteem". She also described us as "loony".

Laying aside the insult and condescension of the latter comment, the more dangerous of her attitudes is found in the former.

There are across the scientific disciplines - including geology, palaeontology, physics, genetics, biology, astronomy, biochemistry, geophysics, microbiology, chemistry, nuclear physics, botany, astrophysics and anatomy - scientists who hold to a young earth view.

In addition, there are also examples of scientists who abandoned the old earth view on the basis of the evidence and subsequently became Christians.

Yet, according to Nuala McKeever, it is wrong to even acknowledge the existence of such people. Parity of esteem, or even the mildest respect, is not to be extended to them. Placing us on a par with those who believe in talking mice, she holds that any acknowledgment would constitute surrender to the loonies.

In Nuala's intolerant world, the public should not even be made aware of alternative views on the age of the earth.

The real threat to our freedoms does not come from those who desire open debate. It comes from those who would ridicule opponents and stifle debate and would deny anyone with whom they disagree even the right to be heard.


Chairman, The Caleb Foundation


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