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Credibility, not salary, is priority

Martin McGuinness tells us that, if elected president of Ireland, he would accept remuneration no greater than €35,000 per year and advises that his legacy as an IRA commander should be disregarded and even excised from our imaginations.

Perhaps he is confusing the concepts of cost and values and the fact that the election is about choosing a head of state, not the head of an insular enclave.

If the average industrial wage was to become the critical benchmark when choosing a head of state, the electorate would ask candidates for quotations and consider the merits of the lowest bidder.

The first priority for Mr McGuinness is to demonstrate the credibility of his credentials to become president. The salary cost of the presidency is secondary to the stature, calibre and overall suitability of the successful incumbent.


Glenageary, Co Dublin

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