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Crimewave that is bankrolling terror

Northern Ireland terror organisation funding their campaign through fuel-laundering, tobacco-smuggling, etc? Now that's a first.


Catchyerselfon: I know. I'm shocked, too.


Long_Quiche: I actually am shocked by some of the details and to hear that it is going on to such an extent. Very worrying indeed.

Belfast Rich

I fail to see how the police cannot crack down on this. It is well-known that intelligence services have more than 30% of dissidents working for them. This policy of allowing their informers to have their cake and eat it is well past its sell-by-date.


Lots of figures on assets seized and people rescued, but none on the number of people arrested and charged. Instead, they 'disrupted numerous crime gangs', which seems to be a euphemism for letting them off scot-free.


And what's so different between this and what Marty and Gerry got up to back in the day?


Prootas: Spot on. There is very little difference, but parts of the media would have us believe that it is not going on anymore (or, at least, not to such an extent).

Belfast Rich

After 30 years of using crime to fund terror, does anybody really think that those people who lined their pockets decided to stop? The sad thing is they are playing to society's demands - especially when it comes to human-trafficking. I'm not sure I'm a fan of the term 'dissidents', either. This has been going on for decades, so it's a fair bet a few of the proceeds wound up in political coffers.


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