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Crippling fines from EU would be scandalous

I read with interest Linda Stewart's interview with the Northern Ireland director of Friends of the Earth, James Orr (DebateNI, Jan 5). Mr Orr was predicting that Northern Ireland would receive "major, major fines" from the European Union in the next couple of years, which he said would be a "wake-up call" for the Executive.

Fortunately for Northern Ireland's economy, it is probable that the United Kingdom will no longer be part of the EU by then. The whole concept of crippling fines being imposed on this region for failing to comply with unnecessary directives from an unelected European Commission is scandalous. Even if rubber-stamped by the European Parliament, the commission's diktats bear no resemblance to democracy. That Parliament cannot amend or vote against legislation passed to them.

Mr Orr also wants to see an economy-breaking Climate Change Act introduced in Northern Ireland. Already our national Parliament at Westminster is showing signs of backing away from the folly of the 2008 Climate Change Act. Ukip are committed to the repeal of this futile attempt to mitigate the unlikely effects of the disproven theory of man-made global warming. Implementing this Act takes well over £50,000 every hour from the Northern Ireland economy.


Ukip representative, Lisburn

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