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Criticism of farmers totally unwarranted

I was horrified to read Nuala McKeever's comment in the Telegraph last week (Monday, April 1).

How can anyone say they have difficulty accepting that farmers are upset by the sight of dead animals littering their fields and they are only crying over lost income. The snow brought havoc to many farms.

Some were likely on the edge and this will have tipped them into financial oblivion.

Does she honestly believe that anyone working a minimum of 14-hour days, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year with no holidays for the meagre money farmers make is in it for the money?

I live on a beef farm and work in an abattoir and can assure you that all the staff involved in rearing and slaughtering animals with whom I work, endeavour at all times to ensure that they do not suffer unnecessarily.

I am happy to eat beef produced in Northern Ireland, as I know it has had a good life.

Barbara McConnell


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