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Criticism of party defector hits raw nerve

As the new crash-test dummy for the Alliance Party, Paula Bradshaw simply shows her lack of political credibility and understanding in her latest letter (Write Back, January 28).

Colin McCusker (Comment, January 26) questioned Ms Bradshaw's political loyalty and policy principles, yet rather than addressing the key issues, Ms Bradshaw focuses on one aspect of her political U-turn - her party's pro-euro stance.

Curiously, Ms Bradshaw doesn't give us her views on this matter, however she does tell us what she believes others think.

Does this mean she accepts the other observations contained in Colin McCusker's piece? Broadly, these can be summed up as: the defectors have an overriding political ambition that dispenses with any political principle; the defectors have no personal loyalty to their previous party colleagues and supporters; and clearly the defectors have no consistent political philosophy.

From Ms Bradshaw's response, Mr McCusker has obviously hit a very raw nerve. Yet rather than addressing the issues that lie at the heart of Ms Bradshaw's defection, she focuses on one of the least important.

But maybe, in doing so, she is actually, tacitly accepting the other charges as a given.


Millisle, Co Down


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