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Critics of Islam should not be branded racist

It is interesting to speculate on how much more certain a win for the EU Leave campaign could be but for our subservience to political correctness.

It is this pernicious principle which prevents us from openly discussing the threat which Islam brings to our civilisation. Whenever this subject is raised, its proponent is silenced by the false label of racism.

The Muslim population of the UK is approaching 3%, but by remaining in the EU we will be inviting its increase to far higher levels.

It is a fact that, as an Islamic minority increases in any country, so does public disorder. We can already see this in France. With the growth of the Muslim population, their demands tend to escalate from calls for halal meat, sharia law, self-rule, police exclusion and leading eventually to the domination of the indigenous people.

If we are to retain our culture, we must vote "Out" in the EU referendum, otherwise our descendants will be condemned to live in a fragmented, conflicted country.



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