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Crocodile tears being shed on police numbers

While driving along the Cairnshill Road in Belfast at 11.10am on Tuesday, August 17, I observed no fewer than four PSNI officers and at least one and perhaps two police cars.

They were stationed at a bend in the road at the entrance to Garland Green. One of them was operating what I assumed to be a a hand-held speed camera. The others were lounging about observing him.

There was very little traffic on this road and, to the best of my knowledge, there have been few accidents and virtually no recent fatalities at this place?

Then, that evening, I was struck by the headline in The Belfast Telegraph: 'Chief: I can't lose a single officer' (News, August 17).

If the Chief Constable can afford to deploy his staff in this futile manner, surely he is simply crying crocodile tears?




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