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Cruelty to birds must be stopped

Animal Aid has gathered new disturbing footage of partridges and pheasants used to produce eggs for the shooting industry being imprisoned in bleak cages.

At one establishment, partridges were confined in tiny barren metal boxes for weeks without respite. The units are essentially sweat boxes - both the floor and roof are made from rigid mesh and four solid metal walls define each "cell". At another farm, we filmed feather-pecked, stressed pheasants in so-called "enriched" cages. The floors and roofs were made from mesh and a single tree stump allowed just one bird to perch on it at a time.

There were no nest boxes, no foraging materials and just a small "privacy" area that amounted to a barren space behind a plastic curtain. Animal Aid has fought for many years to ban the production of birds for "sport" shooting. An urgent interim goal is to outlaw the cruel and oppressive cages for birds used for breeding.


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