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CS Lewis 'caught up in creationism debate'

" ... the topic of creationism - which believes that the world was created by God in seven days and is no older than 6,000 years - is still intensely debated today." Believers in creationism are not part of a debate. They are believers in a Bible story. The only debate they enter into is about the interpretation of the translated words of their Bible. They have absolutely nothing to offer our understanding of the origins of the universe.


CommentatorNI: I agree. It's not really a debate as such; it's more along the lines of a group of people believing in absurd children's stories and the rest of us pointing and laughing at them. My advice to them? Get your head out of your Bible and read a science book.


Creationism is just the standard Christian view that God created the universe. Old testament literalists do sometimes offer debate, though. Usually not very good.


Bernard29: That is not how the term is generally understood, though. Intelligent design is usually seen as a less nutty alternative to creationism, in spite of both sets of advocates believing that God created the universe.


Dennis_Moore: It all depends who's doing the understanding. In superficial media reports, that is how the term is generally used. It serves the simplistic adversarial view well, but it's imprecise and superficial.


I don't know if it should be classed as the standard Christian view, but it sure is prolific in Northern Ireland. Don't rhyme off a list of Christian scientists telling me that it proves creationism, because to be Christian does not mean you must be a creationist.

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