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Cull of badgers simply barbarism

There are two reasons why so many members of the public are applauding Caffe Nero for deciding to avoid milk from farms in the badger cull zones (DebateNI, June 3).

First, we live in the 21st century and even the casual onlooker can see that we should not be killing wildlife in response to a disease in cattle when there are vaccines available.

Second, even if those vaccines aren't ready commercially, common sense tells us that any cull of a protected species such as the badger, at the top of its food chain, must be targeted and tightly controlled to stand any chance of being justified on any grounds.

Instead, we've seen this Government condone a policy where an area upwards of 300 sq km has been arbitrarily designated a 'cull and buffer zone', wherein any badger, young, old, fit or not, is killed. There's no targeting of cattle herds, no testing of live badgers in the areas and not even routine bovine TB testing of carcasses already collected.

We can thank the NFU, their cull companies and Defra for this ecological vandalism and unethical barbarism.

Shame on anyone who does not object to it - and more fool any farmer who allows himself to carry the can for this disgrace.


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