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Culture respect is something to be preserved

HAVING spent my formative years in Carnlough, it was with pleasure that I saw on your website photos of the July 12 parade in the picturesque Glens of Antrim village.

There can be few more spectacular sights, on a fine summer's day, than the lodges and bands lined up around Carnlough Bay, their banners unfurling in the breeze.

I know, too, that this parade's success is a credit not just to the lodges of the Braid District, but to the local population, whose accommodation of a different tradition shows a maturity of approach, which is reflected, not just in their tolerance of the parade, but, indeed, through their quiet and valued support.

It is an approach which is repeated in many parts of Northern Ireland and it should be preserved as a valuable contribution to community relations.


Durban, South Africa

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