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Customer care at Translink is a bit of a lost cause

I LEFT a bag on a Translink bus. Upon stepping off the bus, I realised my bag was still on it. I phoned immediately, giving the bus number, driver number, route number and exact location.

Yet customer services explained they could not help me because "they have no way to contact drivers or inspectors".

They directed me to lost property, who stated: "We obviously do not have your property as the drivers are still driving. Call back tomorrow."

Perhaps commuters call the same day they lose their items in the hope of actually seeing their property again, thinking that Translink could radio through to an inspector or driver, who could check the bus?

Translink uses the excuse of not being able to contact drivers. This also enables drivers to bypass waiting commuters without having to turn around and collect the people they have left. With today's technology, Translink needs to be able to contact inspectors or drivers to ensure better customer service for commuters.



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