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Cut in company tax would help our economy

The thinking of Labour Party in Northern Ireland secretary Boyd Black on corporation tax (Write Back, July 3) closely mirrors that of the finance minister, Sammy Wilson. It is a knee-jerk hostility to business and to the economic realities of creating jobs.

Lower corporation tax will not cost the Northern Ireland economy money; it will only transfer it from the public to the private sector, where it can benefit people most - creating jobs, generating wealth and attracting investment.

NI Conservatives have never argued that devolution of corporation tax is a 'silver bullet' for the economy. We have, though, been at the forefront of pushing the case that it can kick-start growth.

Mr Black's - and, indeed, Mr Wilson's - attempts to talk down the efforts of local businesses and the potential of local people do our economy no favours.

And, as for spending even more money, we all know where that old and failed Labour policy got us.


NI Conservatives

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