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Cuts hurt the most vulnerable

I would echo T J McClean's concerns regarding the cuts to summer schemes for special needs children and the removal of transport to the schools (Write Back, June 23).

As he has stated, these schemes provide enjoyment for children with severe learning disabilities, as well as a period of much-needed respite for their carers.

The manner in which these changes have been introduced demonstrates a callous disregard for society's most vulnerable.

This - viewed alongside the Department of Education's recent proposals on changes to special educational needs provision, which are nothing more than an ill-conceived and thinly-veiled attempt to reduce the entitlements of children with special educational needs - may lead one to conclude that these children are viewed as easy prey for the Department of Education's cutbacks.

A society is judged by how well it looks after its most vulnerable. What do these cuts say about Northern Ireland?


Constituency Labour Party

in Northern Ireland


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