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Cutting tax rate will not end recession

How typical of a Conservative to tell us that cutting corporation tax to 12.5% will practically end the recession overnight (Write Back, September 22).

While I agree with Irwin Armstrong that it should certainly be devolved to Northern Ireland, to cut it to such a low percentage is reckless.

Perhaps to 18%, but what about cutting the corporation tax for small businesses down to 10%? These are the businesses that kept Northern Ireland going throughout the Troubles, when large companies wouldn't come anywhere near us.

And if all these companies are so anxious to come to Northern Ireland if we reduce the tax to 12.5%, what will these companies do if India or China undercut us by going even lower? Will these same companies up sticks and leave us for Asia? What will we do then?

Perhaps Mr Armstrong could also explain why David Cameron and George Osborne are not cutting corporation tax to 12.5% for the whole of the United Kingdom if it is such a great thing.

For that matter, why are they not cutting corporation tax to 12.5% in Germany, France and the United States?


Carrickfergus, Co Antrim


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