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Cyclists are not the only road users, Malachi

I read Malachi O'Doherty's article on cycling (News, May 2) and was left with the feeling that he is one of the growing number of cyclists who seem to think they are the only road-users on the planet.

The recent proliferation of cycle lanes has - no doubt - been at huge expense to the Roads Service, but I seldom see any cyclists making use of them.

Surely if a motorist can be fined for using a bus lane at the wrong time of day, a cyclist should be fined for not using cycle lanes provided at public expense?

This is just one aspect of the growing arrogance of cyclists, who insist on slowing down cars by not using cycle lanes or riding in double or triple-file - even when the Highway Code advises against it.

However, the authorities responsible are guilty of squandering public funds on unused cycling facilities while they sadly neglect the quality of the road surfaces.

There is also the very ambiguous area concerning the lawful use of footpaths as cycle lanes. Heaven forbid they should have to share these with pedestrians!

Cyclists do not require insurance, yet they are road-users capable of causing an accident just as quickly as any motorist (nor do they pay any form of road tax).

Cyclists today seem to have an arrogant expectation of what should be provided for them and the way motorists should behave towards them.

It is time that they realised they are not the only road-users.



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