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Cynical IDS no defender of the poor and needy

IAIN Duncan Smith resigns citing Cameron and Osborne's callous and unjust approach to benefit changes (DebateNI, March 22). Our conclusion is that IDS is a nice man; Cameron and Osborne are nasty.

That nice Mr Duncan Smith is in favour of Brexit, unlike those Bullingdon bounders who are in favour of staying in. Therefore, when it comes to the EU referendum, it is clear which way reasonable and caring people should cast their vote.

Funny, in the past I never had IDS down as a benevolent, Robin Hood-like defender of the poor and needy. Didn't many of the draconian changes emanate from his department with his apparent blessing?

Isn't this just an obvious political ploy: retain the initiative in the referendum campaign, embarrass your opponents and blacken the public's view of them?

Or have I just been watching too many episodes of House of Cards?


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