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Daft reaction to Linda's singing ageist nonsense

THIS is not about the merits, or otherwise, of Linda Martin's version of Daft Punk's Get Lucky (News, June 6). It's about my increasing horror at the level of latent ageism in society here.

Some of the criticism of Linda for her appearance on RTE's Saturday Night Show has been deeply offensive and, frankly, neanderthal.

The message from some is that she should basically be hiding away because she is over 60 and daring to still look sexy and glamorous.

I thought that type of stuff had been consigned to history, but clearly not.

Some of the world's greatest artists and high-profile people are not just in their 60s, but in their 70s and 80s.

If Linda wants to keep looking good and having fun, how dare others criticise her.

The ageist elements in society are effectively saying she cannot sing what she chooses. I say this is a dangerous precedent to set in an increasingly ageing society, where people will be working and living fuller lives well into their 80s.


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