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Dalai Lama gives hope to Tibet

It WAS a great honour to have the Dalai Lama in Ireland. I hope his visit has served as a reminder of what his people have suffered under Chinese rule.

China invaded, occupied, and annexed this peace-loving nation and went on commit appalling crimes against humanity.

Human rights groups estimate that least a million Tibetans have been murdered for resisting the communist regime. Our trade links with China must not blind us to that stark reality.

The Dalai Lama offers hope and inspiration to the people of occupied Tibet much as the French government-in-exile provided a focus for the aspirations of occupied France in the Second World War. Unfortunately, there has been no D-Day for Tibet, no day of liberation.

I hope the gentle and humane Dalai Lama will live to see the tyrant driven from his land. Tibet deserves its freedom.


Callan, Co Kilkenny


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