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Darron Gibson report was 'lazy and inaccurate'

I was appalled to read your lazy and inaccurate article which claimed that Darron Gibson deleted his Twitter account due to sectarian abuse (News, April 26).

It was a pretty clear attempt to implicate Northern Ireland fans and damage the good name which we've worked hard to build.

No one would argue that Gibson didn't endure abuse, but it came overwhelmingly from fans who dislike his style of play.

Your attempt to give the story a sectarian spin was misleading - to put it mildly. Although you subsequently deleted the phrase 'tidal wave of sectarian abuse' from the online version, it appeared in the print edition to be read across Northern Ireland.

The truth is that this 'tidal wave' didn't exist. It seems to me that this was a clear case of printing the 'tidal wave of sectarian abuse' comment and then going off to find such a tidal wave.

This is poor journalism at best and very destructive at worst. Northern Ireland fans form a collective who support their country through thick and thin and hate to see their good name dragged through the mud.


Co Armagh


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