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Darts take aim for good cause

I am holding a charity fundraising event for the Alzheimer's Society and Marie Curie Cancer Care.

The event is a world record attempt in darts to complete a game of 1,000,001 in the least number of darts.

The world record has been held by a pub in Boston, USA since 1991 (36,583 darts) and we will be attempting to beat this next weekend (August 20-22).

It is a non-stop marathon event with an eight-man team playing in pairs on one board and should last 33 or 35 hours.

Selected coverage of the fundraising event will be live-streamed onto my website at

On the site there is also a 'Donate' button should anyone like to kindly donate to the two worthwhile causes of Marie Curie Cancer Care and the Alzheimer's Society.


The Weigh Inn Bar, Omagh


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