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Deal a chance to push for same-sex marriage

Now that Britain has had a chance to glimpse what the DUP stands for (and is shocked that this state of affairs can still exist within the UK), I think popular and political representations should be made to Westminster to normalise our laws re same-sex marriage and abortion rights in line with the three other nations of the United Kingdom.

The recent, large vote for the DUP was not, on the whole, because of their restrictive policies, but, rather, in spite of them and - as is usual here - a vote against a rampant Sinn Fein.

We could face years of stalling and stonewalling before the majority of people in Northern Ireland can get the changes they desire. In the case of equal marriage, our MLAs have already voted it through (only to be overturned by the blatantly undemocratic petition of concern). I think people here in Northern Ireland have had enough.

If only Westminster could act and not leave the required changes and reforms to our broken political system to the Undemocratic Unionist Party.


Coleraine, Co Londonderry

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