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Debate is stifled when it challenges status quo


In all the political controversy with "austerity", and in all the Press bluster over national debt and who is ultimately responsible, and in all the party political banter about how the debt will (or will not) be paid off, the topic that is excluded from the debate is governments having the authority to create money, rather than borrow at high interest rates.

But extending the debate this far would trample and infringe on the power of the banks. Similarly, honest debate about clean energy, which would include exotic free energy technologies, as advocated by people like Steven Greer, Jeane Manning and Foster Gamble, for example, would infringe on the immense power wielded by oil companies.

Debates about making democracy meaningful by its extension into the workplace meet with similar consequences - in this case, corporate power would be challenged.

Those who do embrace such debates find that they encounter unprecedented levels of flak.

Louis Shawcross

Holywood, Co Down

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