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Democracy being eroded by the EU

It saddens me to watch the steady erosion of all the principles of democracy that we veterans fought so hard for to a team of foreign fellow EU members who tell us what our laws should be. We cannot claim to be a democratic country when we are being made to adhere to and obey laws issued by foreigners.

When Ted Heath took us into the-then European Economic Community there was never any talk of invading our sovereign rights; it was simply going to be a profitable commercial enterprise with no strings attached.

I do not wish to become an inferior country, incapable of making its own laws, any more than I want to be clinging to a sinking ship where everyone is trying grab the last life raft.

By all means let's hold hands and be blood brothers in trading, but joint legislation will not be tolerated by the really true Brits in the long-term.

We may not be what we were, but I like to think that we are quite capable of making a fist of things and becoming good on our own two feet.

Don't allow us to be governed by 27 countries, some of whom aren't really big enough in size to put their own affairs in order - lame ducks who only want us for our massive input of money.

Democracy is a priceless commodity.


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