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Democracy First aims to govern for benefit of all

I wholly concur with the comments of Brian Rooney (Write Back, December 31).

Your contributor will hopefully be interested to know that, because of this fickle phenomenon to which he alludes, Democracy First, a cross-community political party, was formed in March 2014.

He will hopefully be interested to know that the founding principles are justice, respect for life, reconciliation, active compassion and wise stewardship - values underpinned by common Christian values agreed by the initial steering group of this party, which include principled pluralism, recognising and accepting the diversity of our society.

Unlike other parties, win or lose in the forthcoming Assembly elections in Lagan Valley, we will not compromise on our support for covenant marriage between one man and one woman, we will not compromise on our founding principles and, if elected to the Assembly, we will not engage in cynical co-options for political expediency.

Democracy First seeks to point to its clear moral compass, bringing integrity to the governance of this land for the benefit of all in this country - particularly those 350,000 people living in relative poverty.

This writer would be most interested in hearing from people like your contributor.


Leader, Democracy First

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