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Democracy First treated unfairly over its emblem

FOLLOWING public controversy over the decision by the Electoral Commission to remove Democracy First's original emblem from the electoral register, a new emblem has been formally approved by the commission.

When we received notice that our emblem was being removed from the Electoral Register last December we were somewhat surprised, given that it was acceptable for the 2014 local government election. When we were advised that the reason was because the emblem could not contain a numeral, to this day I remain puzzled - as it didn't.

We were invited to submit new emblems. We did so by the deadline to be advised that we could not have abbreviations - ie 'DF'- as we are not well-known.

Within the Electoral Commission's own vision statement is a commitment to promote democracy. To have an inbuilt bias towards established parties, which can use abbreviations, is not in my view in keeping with the spirit of their own statement, nor is it equitable or fair.


Leader, Democracy First

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