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Democracy is being denied in Gaza Strip

Colin Nevin (Write Back, August 4) is a great supporter of Israel (1948) and is of the opinion that this new country inside someone else's country can do no wrong. How many wars has Israel picked, Colin?

Colin is wrong on two counts: Israel is not the only democracy in the Middle East.

Gaza had an open and fair election monitored by UN personnel including ex-US President Jimmy Carter, but Israel, the USA and Britain did not like the result.

That doesn't make it illegal. It is called democracy, Colin.

I have a map of Israel from 1948, just after the Palestinians had their homes and land stolen by Britain and the USA to give to other people - an illegal act.

On the second count, Israel, since its illegal inception, has kept on stealing even more of other countries' land. Her reason, allegedly, is to increase security.

How moving even closer to one's perceived enemy does that is a mystery.

The opposite, to me, would be more appropriate.


Banbridge, Co Down


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