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'Democracy' loving Nelson having a laugh

I read the recent article by Nelson McCausland (Comment, September 8) and had a right good laugh.

Throughout the article he constantly bemoans people who are trying to overturn the referendum result and, according to the headline, this is "an affront to democracy". Fair enough.

Of course, this is the same Nelson McCausland who is a member of a political party that laughably calls itself the "Democratic" Unionist Party, but, in reality, is probably the most undemocratic party in the UK, as it seems to spend most of its time introducing petitions of concern to stop Bills going through Stormont - even when a majority of MLAs voted for the Bills. Is this not also "an affront to democracy"?

If Nelson McCausland is really this worried about democracy, then presumably he will be urging his party colleagues to stop using the petitions of concern.


Carrickfergus, Co Antrim

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