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Demonising Muslims is a recipe for hate

Martin Sugarman (Write Back, November 8) tries to justify the dispossession of the Palestinians by the actions of a tiny minority who feared losing their homes to European Jewish immigration, a fear that was well-founded.

Perhaps we should be grateful that at least he recognises that Palestinians did indeed live in Palestine - something many Zionists continue to deny.

The only Nazi-occupied country where the number of Jews increased during the Second World War was Muslim Albania.

Here not a single Jew was handed in by a Muslim; instead Jews were provided with false identities to keep them safe.

Compare that with what happened in France and Holland, for example.

It is as well to remember, particularly at this time of remembrance, that in the Second World War something like 800,000 Muslims fought against fascism, most coming from what is now Pakistan.

Supporting Israel by demonising Muslims is a dangerous game. Those who hate Muslims today will direct their hatred towards other minorities tomorrow.


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