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Demos needed to make ruling class fearful

The only 'hijackers' evident on last Saturday's march in London were not 'anarchist extremists' as the mainstream media suggests, but opportunist politicians and toothless trade union bureaucrats who have done nothing to oppose the vicious class war being waged by this Thatcherite government.

A few broken windows was not violence, but a legitimate display of class anger. It is nothing in comparison to the extreme violence being inflicted on our class.

Cutbacks in education, healthcare and welfare, growing homelessness and pensioners being left with the choice of heating their homes or eating is indicative of a system which puts profits before people.

We need to strike fear into the ruling class. They cannot ignore militant demonstrations and occupations combined with a mass movement that opposes every cut, every attack on our living standards with direct action and solidarity. It is only when we begin to reclaim our dignity and pride that we can bury this rotten system and build a society that meets our needs and not those of the greedy few.


Workers Solidarity Movement

Crumlin, Co Antrim


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