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Denied right to vote because I am 'European'

Last Thursday, I went to the polling station to learn that I could not vote in the general election. I was told it was because I am "from Europe". My reply to the official at the polling station was: "So are you: this is Europe". It turns out he was legally in the right.

This is unsettling, though. I was born in Italy and moved here in 1998, where I have been living since (over 16 years). My three children were born here and their first language is English. I own two houses here and I have been running a company for 13 years, which employs 10 residents and contributes a substantial amount in tax to the Exchequer.

I didn't apply for a UK passport, although I would be entitled to, simply because I don't have to. I can live here as I am a EU national. I found it shocking and outrageous to be asked to pay tax, but to be denied the right to help decide what should be done with the tax I pay.


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