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Department of Health simply ignoring real abortion issues

The Department of Health is under scrutiny at the High Court in Belfast for the appalling guidelines on the Termination of Pregnancy in Northern Ireland which it issued in the summer - conveniently when our Assembly was on recess and most of us were on holiday.

Over the last three years, the department has had input on the detrimental effects of abortion on women's lives from many different organisations, both voluntary and professional.

They have been given extensive research, which is freely available, on the long term psychological, physical and emotional effects of abortion - not only on women, but men, families and society as a whole. They have chosen to ignore it and brush it aside.

They have heard personal testimonies of women who have chosen abortion and had 'safe and legal' abortions.

An evidence hearing of the Health Committee at the Assembly last October was given approximately 2,000 sworn, legal affidavits of women who had experience of abortion. These affidavits gave evidence to the detrimental effects of abortion on their lives and these women were from wide and varied backgrounds.

The department has received all this information not once, but three times, both in face-to-face meetings and in report form.

They have chosen to ignore it all.

Health Trusts in Northern Ireland are not equipped to deal with post-abortion trauma, yet the Department of Health has silenced the voice of those volunteer and professional organisations currently helping women for more than 20 years.

Ask yourself this: why?


Choose Life After-Abortion Recovery Ministry, Belfast


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