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Desire to own a firearm will lead to more murders

As two bodies enter the cold ground of a graveyard as a result of a shooting tragedy in Co Louth, it raises the question of the role of the gun within the life of those who need it.

Is firearm ownership a sign of arrested development in a person's character? Needing a firearm to show they have the power to take life?

Mixing firearm ownership with a fractured mental state of mind is a recipe for pain, hurt and death.

There is much currency in the claim that those who enjoy killing animals for fun have mental compassion infertility in respect of having an urge to inflict death on a non-human creature.

When animal killers leave the hunting field to carry out their destructive urges within the domestic or social setting, the havoc unleashed via the barrel of a firearm makes all the days practising on non-human targets worthwhile. The sense of power is intoxicating to the shooter.

How many more graves must be dug because some person decided having and using a firearm makes them complete?


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