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Desperate Dave in last minute vote scramble

I heard this week that the Conservatives are parachuting in 11 additional candidates to stand in the general election in Northern Ireland constituencies. However, it appears that none of these candidates are resident in the constituencies for which they are standing, nor are they resident in Northern Ireland.

In fact, most have never actually visited Northern Ireland. They know nothing about the place.

Clearly, someone in Conservative Central Office thinks that some Tory votes might be scraped up here to help return David Cameron to office. Furthermore, the political landscape here is quite different from GB. It was the Conservatives who brought in the unpopular poll tax and, more recently, the bedroom tax and public sector cuts.

I doubt anyone here would vote Tory - we already have enough clowns to vote for here. This is just another example of how out of touch Desperate Dave is with the electorate in Northern Ireland.


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