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Despondency and frustration among unionists

It's hardly surprising, listening to the rhetoric of DUP and UUP politicians, that an election is looming.

It was bad enough watching the posturing of the DUP and IRA/Sinn Fein in the 'We don't have/we do have a budget' farce.

In reality, a budget was always going to be agreed, as failure would have proved to be the finale of a failed government system.

Worse still, we now have to listen to both DUP and UUP trying to steal TUV thunder in saying mandatory coalition is wrong and we need a proper, designated Opposition at Stormont.

There has been ample opportunity over the past 12 years to declare opposition to the present, flawed political system and neither party has raised the issue.

Now that an election is on the horizon, both DUP and UUP are calling for real democracy.

There is a real sense of frustration and a reality within the unionist community that Stormont is a waste of time, money and resources. The unionist electorate is so despondent that many don't bother to vote anymore.

Major changes and improvement is needed in the political system to make Stormont acceptable to the people and create trust in political processes.

The only way to create such trust is for the electorate to reject politicians who have failed, and will again fail, the people.

I, too, have been waiting for real democracy in Northern Ireland, but I have no doubt the same old guard will want to protect their jobs and monthly pay-packets, giving us another four wasted years.


Co Fermanagh


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