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Devolution row underestimates the Tartan Army

Henry McDonald's analysis of Scottish 'Devo-Max' and Northern Ireland's dependence on the Treasury (Comment, January 18) is flawless, but underestimates Team Tartan.

Scotland has great natural assets, including North Sea oil, hydro-electric power and a recognisable cultural heritage, which has yet to be fully exploited on the international tourist market.

Nationalism is a force which binds the Scots together where it divides the Irish.

The vast majority of those who live in the country consider themselves Scottish, not Anglo-Scot, Hiberno-Scot, or any other hyphenated-Scot. The Saltire is universally respected by unionists and nationalists.

Among those assets which are difficult to evaluate is a class of creative politicians and policy-makers, who can work together in the national interest in spite of their party-political loyalties.

I'd be sorry to see the land of my fathers leave the Union, but the decision is for the people of Scotland to make - without interference from Westminster, or crass comments from unionists elsewhere in these islands.


Bangor, Co Down


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