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Dictator Adams wants a communist state


A few nights ago I was wakened out of a dream. I dreamed I saw a giant picture of Gerry Adams with words printed boldly on it proclaiming him to be a leader and peacemaker, but suddenly an explosion jolted me from my sleep. A bomb had gone off in Manchester ... again.

The bomb exploded at a bad time for Mr Adams, as Manchester reminds us of Omagh, Enniskillen and many other places where men, women and even little children were slaughtered by republicans.

No matter how horrific the thought, had that bomber lived he would have been destined to become something similar to a Sinn Fein MP and rake in a bucket-load of money for his cause.

Stop dreaming, folks: it is time to waken up, because we only have two choices at this election. Either we vote for a democrat, or someone akin to that loser in Manchester. Democracy or Sinn Fein's brand of communism - that is our only choice.

It is nothing to do with wanting a united Ireland, but rather a communist state - with Adams as the dictator.


Greenisland, Co Antrim

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