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Did DUP react too quickly in expelling Iris?

According to your headline, the "DUP says the First Minister's wife has been 'totally exonerated'" (News, May 27) and, to be fair, that is the case.

The House of Commons hasn't brought any charges, the PPS (Public Prosecution Service) likewise, and now Castlereagh Borough Council is content that nothing was amiss.

So "exonerated" would be an appropriate phrase; no one has brought any charge, or punishment, against Mrs Robinson.

Except one organisation. Contrary to the recent headlines, the DUP "expelled" Mrs Robinson from the party in January last year. The question is - why?

What had Mrs Robinson done that justified the DUP expelling her? Was she given a fair hearing?

Or did the men in grey suits react too hastily and destroy an ill woman's career over a personal and private affair?




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