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Did you hear the one about the Alliance Party?

In WHAT other country would the alleged and professed Opposition suddenly take an Executive post it isn't entitled to?

While many have commented on how power-crazy and self- serving our politicians are, the suggestion that David Ford will become the Justice Minister only serves to prove the point.

For some its absolute power that corrupts.

For the Alliance Party it only takes a wee sniff of a ministerial car and they're off.

The Alliance Party, for years, have, from a lofty position, castigated others for putting power before principle.

Now they, like the hypocrites in the other parties, have taken the attitude: if you can't beat them, join them.

Leaving aside what qualifications Mr Ford has, or hasn't, got to do the job (and equally ignoring the fact that by any principle the next ministerial post should go to the SDLP) the unprincipled eagerness of the Alliance Party to join the dysfunctional Northern Ireland Executive is totally cynical - even by Northern Ireland standards.

So now we are going to have four party leaders in the Executive, all being collectively bound together around the Executive table - while cutting the tripe out of each other outside the door.

I always believed a DUP/Sinn Fein Executive would be a joke.

I just never realised just how big a laughing-stock it would become.

In summary, our Assembly is a joke, the Executive is ridiculous and our politicians are second rate.

But, there again, we get what we voted for.




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