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Direct rule should be an option on ballot paper as current politicians are simply not fit to govern us

letter of the day: assembly meltdown

Recent events at Stormont have, if nothing else, confirmed the fact that the vast majority of those elected are not able to govern this small country of ours.

We all gave them a chance many years ago, but surely now we all realise that we were dreaming the impossible dream.

We are now looking at yet another election, which we really can't afford (there are many causes which would benefit from the money spent on this).

Even before a 1, 2, or 3 is marked on the ballot paper, many of us have a fairly good idea what the result will be. Unless ...

Over the last few weeks, many have called fora period of direct rule, as the two main parties just cannot make the big decisions. The important issues over the last 10-plus years have been avoided, evaded and delayed.

Last year, there was approximately a 55% turnout for the local election. Of the 45% who did not vote, it appears many didn't do so because they were already exasperated and frustrated.

Realistically, we would never get everyone out to vote, but surely if there was an option to vote for direct rule, as well as MLAs, we may have a better idea what the people want?

A sizeable first-preference vote for direct rule would certainly give some of our politicians food for thought.


Newtownards, Co Down

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