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Direct rule the only feasible way forward

Now that the Stormont talks have ended, as expected, in a complete stalemate yet again, would it not be prudent, instead of wasting another £5m on another snap election, just to completely mothball Stormont altogether and reintroduce direct rule?

It seems obvious that an Executive comprising the DUP and Sinn Fein will always fail to govern and always fail to deliver anything to the electorate.

They are incapable of compromising on even who has the last bun, let alone deciding on the Budget.

The problem we are faced with is that the two main parties are dinosaurs and are too closely associated with the Troubles.

We need a completely new political mindset, divested of historic tribalism, otherwise Northern Ireland will remain forever locked in the political, social, cultural and economic Stone Age.

We need at least 10 years of sound direct rule to rid us completely of these incompetents, who have merely given us 10 years of costly misrule, maladministration and chaos.

hilton cubit

Hillsborough, Co Down

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