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Direct rule would serve us better

So what was Tony Blair's big achievement? Thanks to a Labour Government headed at the time by Tony Blair, and the Democratic Unionist Party glory-seekers such as Ian Paisley, we now have terrorists, bombers, murderers, gunmen, and self-confessed ex-commanders of the IRA in government.

All this talk about saving money and cuts, and all the while the British Treasury is financing 108 MLAs at Stormont - none of whom are worth the proverbial in a space suit.

The sooner direct rule from the mother Parliment is brought back and the present lot of individuals are cleared out (along with hundreds of their assistants and advisors etc), the better off we will all be. As a result, there should be no need for any further cuts.

The Northern Ireland community and their fellow British subjects in England, Scotland, and Wales have paid one hell of a price for honours handed out - probably as some form of bribery to Northern Ireland politicians who, in the final analysis, should never have been elevated to such high positions.




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