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Dirty war exposed, now whole truth must be told

Hearing the description of the last days of Derry man Frank Hegarty by Stakenife (so-called) on the BBC Spotlight programme recalled a chilling and ruthless act from our past. But, in its detail, it had the definite ring of truth.

A disturbing feature about the programme was the haste with which sections of the media rushed to bury it lest revelations made us question the republican canon that collusion was exclusively about British security forces and loyalist paramilitaries in the murder of nationalists (a canon which would have us accept dirty practices revealed must stand forever as testimony to the exclusive culpability of the British State, including the RUC and loyalist paramilitaries).

We were encouraged to accept that republicans would never engage in such activity. The Spotlight programme, among others, is another step in exposing the true nature of the dirty war.

It is imperative that full disclosure of our murky past is made. Only then can real reconciliation begin. In this regard, the maintenance of the fiction by Sinn Fein that British Intelligence alone is holding back the truth no longer fools many. Neither does the pretence by Sinn Fein it is doing its best to force the UK Government to disclose its murky past reassure anybody. In fact, Sinn Fein ought to feel grateful to the British for holding back on disclosing what is now manifestly collusion between themselves and British Intelligence.

It may be an iceberg of titanic proportions, but programmes like Spotlight have begun to chip away the tip.


Maghera, Co Londonderry

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