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Disabled OAP flushed over Trust toilet fees

On Wednesday last, at the new Giant's Causeway exhibition site, I was forced to pay £8.50 to use the gentleman's toilet.

On asking why I, a 75-year-old disabled pensioner, should have to pay such an outrageous amount, I was told that, if I wanted a free toilet, I should go to the hotel next door "where they might give you permission to use their toilet".

Other people at the entrance heard this altercation. I felt humiliated. I wanted to get away as soon as possible, so I handed over a £10 note. I received change, a receipt, a ticket and a free Causeway Coast leaflet. Only then was I allowed to get to the toilet.

The National Trust is no doubt a worthy custodian of our natural heritage, but it fails to address the needs and dignity of the disabled pensioner.


Newtownabbey, Co Antrim

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