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Discord in cathedral over axing of music post

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY applaud the shrewd observations and comments made by Sir Donald Murray (Write Back, November 10) on the decision of St Anne's Cathedral board to make the post of Director of Music redundant due to financial constraints.

At the stroke of a pen, over 100 years of musical tradition have been consigned to history, almost as if they had never been. This is patently wrong and can only be a retrograde step.

After the resignation of five board members over this matter, the 'rump' of the board have now written to all members of the cathedral community in an attempt to justify their decision.

The public needs to know there is much disquiet and anger in the cathedral community about all of this and it is decidedly unedifying, especially in a church context.

Sadly, many of us have no confidence in those making these decisions on our behalf and wish to disassociate ourselves from such short-sightedness.

As a former chorister and chairman of St Anne's Cathedral Past Choristers' Association, I call upon the current chairman and committee clearly and unambiguously to deplore the board's decision. I note with regret, that to date, their silence on this serious matter has been deafening. Such an ostrich-like approach can only imply tacit approval of the move.

That would be contrary to our association's raison d'etre and so I urge them to stand up for what they know to be right.



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