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Disenfranchised gave us Trump and Brexit

First Brexit, then Donald Trump - two surprising results that contradicted pollsters' predictions.

So what exactly is going on? The answers are quite complex as society is a dynamic, ever-changing entity.

I believe changing attitudes worldwide are driven by three main things: globalisation, modernisation and an ageing population.

An example of globalisation can be clearly seen in the break-up of the Soviet Union. Countries under Soviet control were not economically prosperous, so it is no wonder that economic migration followed.

Modernisation can be understood as the reduction of the required workforce in manufacturing due to modern techniques and robots replacing people at an increasing rate.

An ageing population also has a major impact on the functioning of society, the reason being that the elderly typically have their money earned and very often invested in property.

And because of the failure to build affordable new housing for the working-classes, these people now find themselves in a poverty trap.

The reasons for the Brexit and Trump results are broader than sexism, or racism. Both events were a vote against a status quo that does not give people a chance to better themselves.


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