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Dishonesty rules the Grexit debate

What the Greek crisis has achieved is the provision of a theatre for political posturing for European leaders. One fails to detect even a trace of moral integrity in the discussions so far.

Ditching Greece would inevitably create a failed state in a critical part of the world waiting to be devoured by Mr Putin's insatiable appetite for power and influence.

The suggestion from the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras that his creditors are seeking to humiliate the country to cover up their responsibility for the state of the economy is disingenuous.

Even if Greece manages to get back on its feet, it will be a Pyrrhic victory. It will still have to redeem itself from inept public administration and an inability to control its tax-raising mechanisms.

The Greek populace have taken the understandable action of removing their finances from the banks, and who can blame them? Unfortunately, this will further weaken the chances for recovery.

The universal purposes that the European community was intended to serve have been hijacked by the self-interest of individual members. The concept of community is seriously misplaced in describing European realities.


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