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Disregard for beautiful surroundings a disgrace

I HAVE the great fortune to live in an area of outstanding natural beauty. To the south, the Mournes rise in all their glory, while the lovely Bohill mountain provides a backdrop to the west.

To the east and immediately in front of my home is Tievenadarragh forest. Northwards has an oak-covered glade with wild flowers, deer, foxes and several families of feral cats.

I count myself blessed to live in the midst of such beauty, especially over the past two years, when I have been largely housebound due to illness and debility.

Recently, for the first time in those two years, I managed to walk along the main road for 400 yards. I cannot begin to describe the depressing sights of discarded bottles, nappies, knickers, food containers, pieces of scrap metal from cars and other detritus abandoned by careless owners.

More than 60 years ago, when I was a boy growing up in a mill village of more than 80 houses, one would've never seen rubbish, other than on the tip where it belonged. Yet we would have been described as disadvantaged.

In this more advantaged and educated era, car occupants think nothing of discarding all sorts as they drive along without a thought to the beauty of their surroundings. Perhaps the passage of time causes one to grow grumpy and sceptical, but I do believe we had more respect for the environment when we were young.

Can the present trend be reversed?


Seaforde, Co Down

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